Mongolian Eagle Hunters

- Semi reportage of the Nomadic lifestyle and of the Mongolian Steppes; November 2018, Bayan Ulgii, Mongolia.

In 2019 I took part in a photography expedition to the Altai Mountains in Mongolia, where I joined a group of photographers looking to sharpen their skills and document the lives of the nomadic Mongolian Eagle Hunters. Some of these photos are included in my Limited Edition collection and also as part of a Fine Art book that can be purchased also on this site under 'Shop Fine Art'.



Our hosts, the Eagle Hunters are nomads to this day (they travel in the summer when it’s warmer) and do not stay in fixed dwellings for more than a few months – Gers, the Mongolian yurt, are packed up and moved according to the seasons. 70 percent of Mongolians are nomadic to this day, and there is no electricity or running water in these villages. The weather was cold, very cold, and it made for challenging conditions to take photos. In minus 25 degrees Celsius the time we had outside had to be well thought about and sometimes simply limited!



The images taken here are still to this day some of my favourite, and I hope that the reflection of my experience and perception of how these fascinating people experience life is translated in the photographs. They certainly were an inspiration of mine, so please take a few minutes to look through my project portfolio here or view my e-book here.