What is Fine Art?

- It's definition and use in the photography world.


There is always lots of ‘noise’ out there surrounding ‘Fine Art’, especially as photography becomes more accessible and information in general is thrown out into public arenas so easily and sometimes carelessly from people who like to self-term themselves as ‘experts’ – this is another article subject all together…

There are so many posts and ‘artists’ that claim to be producing and selling fine art when they really are not. I am a simple man, and always like to be factual and evidential whenever I can, especially surrounding the history, techniques and concepts of photography, whilst remaining subjective and expressionist when it comes to its art.

So we boil down ‘Fine Art’ all the way down to its purist definition from many years of produce and output from those that have been most successful. And this is what I believe its definition to be when it is applied to photography (it’s a shame in itself that these days there are more ‘opinions’ than actual facts):


Fine Art (Photography)

"Photography that expresses an artist’s perceptions and emotions – more specifically an idea, story, message, or emotion – and for an artist to share them with others, usually for sale or display, rather than one that is produced in response to a commercial commission."

(Matt Jacob)


Matt Jacob checking a limited edition fine art print